Anyone used a HDMI to stereo rca adapter

If so were there any issues and can you recommend one -

My brand new tv doesn't have rca out, only hdmi and optical and my preamp doesn't accept anything besides rca

I am assuming your TV has HDMI INPUTs only. Does it also have HDMI outputs?

I’ve used these for both TV and Apple TV optical out with some success:

There are a few well-reviewed DACs with HDMI input/output. Essence makes one I’ve been considering.

Hope it helps.

It does have HDMI outputs, I will have to check for optical outs

I found some HDMI to RCA converters similar to what you posted but not sure if they work the same or not

Why don’t you list the brand and model of your TV. I doubt your TV has HDMI output as that is rare. I just looked a some top end TV's and none have HDMI output. Some have a 1/8 mini audio out or digital out that can be used.