Anyone using a Class D amp w/ribbon tweeters?

I'm looking for some feedback about using a Class D amp 
with speakers that use ribbon tweeters. 

Anyone have any experience? How do they sound?

At least 3-4 years ago I was still believing that ribbon tweeters 
were not a good mix with Class D b/c of the sibilance it produced from the tweeters.

But now we have gone from ICE modules to NCore, Pascal, etc 
and other proprietary designs (Dig Amp Co) that may not be so bright, digital etch, etc

Anyone know about using more modern Class D amps with 
ribbon tweeters while having better control of the high frequencies?
I’ve heard sibilance in some recordings over the years , and I hear no top end sibilance produced by the Bel Canto ref1000m.

The BEl Canto c5i is a newer model and the top end on that is perhaps the most relaxed of any amp I have owned.

In practice, I find fears of Class D deficiencies these days are totally unfounded. i will likely only go with Class D amps moving forward as needed. At one point I considered tube amps but Class D amps put an end to that need, though I still like tube amps as well especially if well matched to rest of system, but I do not like the additional cost of ownership due to maintenance, etc. In teh end I’d rather spend as much time as possible just listening to the music and Class D enables that very well.
can I ask which Class D amp? 
Which speakers with ribbon tweeters? 

When I first got my Rogue Pharaoh, class D integrated hybrid, I used them with some Legacy towers with a form of ribbon tweeter. This pairing sounded wonderful. IMO.