Anyone using a Class D amp w/ribbon tweeters?

I'm looking for some feedback about using a Class D amp 
with speakers that use ribbon tweeters. 

Anyone have any experience? How do they sound?

At least 3-4 years ago I was still believing that ribbon tweeters 
were not a good mix with Class D b/c of the sibilance it produced from the tweeters.

But now we have gone from ICE modules to NCore, Pascal, etc 
and other proprietary designs (Dig Amp Co) that may not be so bright, digital etch, etc

Anyone know about using more modern Class D amps with 
ribbon tweeters while having better control of the high frequencies?
I listened to NuPrimes some years ago (2010), 
at that time, I wasn't too impressed, and unfortunately wrote them off.
Unfortunately b/c now apparently they have received many compliments. Will have to try them out again ....
Would be worth the effort as like all the Class D modules they have improved a great deal over the years. 

I am using ICEpower 25 ASP based mono blocks. One under each speaker. Literally. :) 

My ribbons are from Mundorf. Sound fabulous, but electrically VERY different than a ribbon.

Ribbons tend to be very low impedance, and need a matching transformer.

AMT's have no need for a transformer, and are almost purely resistors (relative to most drivers). 


interesting what you say about the Bel Canto C5i (same for the C7?), 
that has been on my list of "all in one" units to pick up 
and play with as an extra system in another room. 
I was worried that it might have some upper end grain.