Anyone using a Class D amp w/ribbon tweeters?

I'm looking for some feedback about using a Class D amp 
with speakers that use ribbon tweeters. 

Anyone have any experience? How do they sound?

At least 3-4 years ago I was still believing that ribbon tweeters 
were not a good mix with Class D b/c of the sibilance it produced from the tweeters.

But now we have gone from ICE modules to NCore, Pascal, etc 
and other proprietary designs (Dig Amp Co) that may not be so bright, digital etch, etc

Anyone know about using more modern Class D amps with 
ribbon tweeters while having better control of the high frequencies?
I have heard 3.7is as well as a pair of Vapor audios with Raals run on Jeff Rowland's 525 and the new Kinki Studio integrated. All gear was pretty well broken in. I listened to tracks I knew well. Class D (to me ) has come a long way. I had no issue with high frequency harshness. They seemed sensitive to the power cables we ran, different materials colored the music noticeably. The value is absolutely there for both these compact monsters and they like to be good and warm before they perform. 

I'm using an Aavik U300 with Raidho D3.1's. The highs IMO are spectacular.
"I ran BelCanto with Magnapan 1.6s for years.

It was pure sex."

which bel canto’s? REF 500 Monos? Ref 1000 mons?