Anyone using a touch screen for PC audio?

I am almost certainly going to by the new Mac mini for use as a music server when it comes out in a week or so. 500 bucks for a mini with like 160 GB? No-brainer vs. a super-expensive music server.
Buuuut.... I do like the fact that with say, an Olive server, you just put the cd in and burn it-- no keyboard/mouse/monitor required!
I will be using the iphone I have with the remote control program for a controller if I go the Mac mini route and I will certainly be using a USB DAC of some kind or other-- haven't decided which.

Now- once you've burned all your CDs to it- you can let your mac mini sit quietly on your audio stand and not touch it.
But, if you wanna burn a new CD or something- you would have to connect a monitor and mouse/keyboard etc.
Sooooooo.. how bout if I just buy a touch screen monitor and leave it connected on my audio stand? Wouldnt that let me open up programs and such to burn more CDs as well as provide a convenient interface other than my iphone if I wanted to use it?
I figure at like 500 bucks for the Mac, 350 for a touch screen and 500 or so for say an MHDT DAC- isnt this a good computer audio solution? Has any smurf done this type of thing?
I suppose the other option is to leave a small monitor connected (not a touch screen) and then use a wireless mouse and keyboard when doing stuff on the Mac.

I would love to go this route but can you still utilize rhapsody and internet radio stations, i.e. the great selections, that sonos allows?
One other thing to mention is the option to automatically import and eject a cd when it is inserted. This is all under preferences. Using this method I don't even have to look at iTunes. When we sit around watching tv or a movie or whatever(my widescreen is my monitor) I just pick the next cd from my import stack and throw it in. It looks up artist/track info automatically, imports it into iTunes and ejects when complete. Next!
If you had a Mac Book in addition to the Mini you could set up Sharing on the Mini and use the Mac Book from your chair to control and see everything on the mini. This is assuming you have a wireless network in your house.