Anyone using an Audio Mirror T61 pre?

Any owners care to share their thoughts about this pre? The DAC seems to be getting a lot of positive buzz.

I owned the T-61 before & it is one superb sounding tube preamp, right up there with the best. Wish I never sold it!
got one myself. fit and finish are a bit weak, but sound quality is very good (and can be made better w/ tube substitutions & coupling cap upgrade).

simplicity = good sound. got a tube rectifier, 1 coupling cap & 1 tube per channel. very simple. very organic. highly recommended.

Thanks for the responses. I'm thinking of putting together a second system and this is on my short list of moderately priced tube pres.

Anyone out there compare this to the TAD 150?
Yours truely, I have owned both. The TAD 150 uses two 12AU7s, 12AX7s, or 12AT7s and has solid state rectification as where the T-61 uses two 6DJ8s (6922s) and has a tube for rectification. I will not say one is better than the other because they are both going to sound different but in a positive way & will come down to personal preferences. I will say they both sound excellent! Either way, you can't lose.