Anyone using Audioquest DBS for Phono cables?

Just got back into LPs and I am considering using Audioquest Cheetas from the TT to a phono pre or MC step-up transformer.

I am using Cheetas in two other places in my system with nice results but I can't recall any info on these used for phono cables.

Thanks for any information.

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This may be a silly question, but have you tried using the cables you already have (cheetas) in your phono app. to see what they sound like? Other cables you own?
While there are a lot of dedicated phono cables you could get, and the requirements for a phono cable and a line level cable are different, a lot of line level cables fit the requirements for a phono cable. Sometimes what a manufacturer offers for a phono cable is the same as what they offer in a line level, or sometimes only slightly different. Also, what you require for a phono cable is dependant on your phono setup. In most cases using a mc cartridge where capacitance is not a facter the same as with a mm cartridge, a high quality line level interconnect will fit the requirements better than a cheap phono cable.
If you are just getting into vinyl again, it may be wise to use a cable you already have, provided it sounds good. If you are already prepared to buy a cable for your phono, you will want to audition them anyway. You should use your ears to decide if an ic works for your phono app. anyway.
I can't, the Cheetas that I have are balanced from Wadia 860 to Pre to poweramps. And I need single ended to go from my VPI rig to the step-up transformer.

Thanks Basement for the good points made above.

I am having a hard time deciding on a phono preamp tube/solid st. new/used so I was hoping to eliminate one variable before diving into that. yes I know my logic is somewhat backwards on this.

Thanks agin. Anyone else???