anyone using Ayre amplification on any Wilson Sys

Anyone using Ayre preamp and power amps on their Wilson speakers such as Sasha's or Sophias or even any older Watt Puppies? What do you like most about that combo?


If I recall correctly the owner in the link below was using Sophia II's at the time of his review.

Ditto to Jfrech response. However I will add this additional experience. For W/P 7 & 8 and Sasha I did not find the V5xe to have enough gusto to effectively drive these speakers, particularly with R&R. I think you need a more substantial SS or nice tube gear. CJ and Nagra would work well as well as many others. You can search Audiogon for others experiences with these speakers and tube gear. I have listened to the V5xe and Sophia I combination and this was quite nice.

I have K5xe MP and MX-R combination with W/P Sasha with excellent results. My hope is to upgrade pre to Kx-R or Nagral in the not too distant future.
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