Anyone Using Bose 901 speakers In A Home Theater?

Anyone using Bose 901 speakers in a home theater? I'm considering getting one or two pair of good used 901's in a home theater setup. Anyone using Bose 301 or Bose 501 in a home theater?

What did you settle on? I was going to put for your consideration some KEF Q900s all around - should be in a similar price range as the Bose. However, I thought Martykl offered better advice on the Mirage although I have not heard them. With your space, wide dispersion speakers almost de rigueur for your room and budget - a 34,000 cu ft room is quite a space. How may tube amps are you using to heat it in the winter?
Ive owned many speakers and none have sounded as good over a wide listening are as the KLF's. I know Klipsch takes some hits by hi end purists at times, I have been silly enough to buy into that talk in the past. Stock the KLF 30 lack extension in the top end, and can be harsh. The TI tweeter diaphrams made me a horn believer.

After many years in high end audio, there is one test that tells a speakers worth. After 2 yrs with them would I buy them again for the money.

Only a few have passed that and the KLF 30/Crites are on that very short list of 3.
I know that my response will be difficult to swallow since I am answering your original question and not either waxing rhapsodic about the sound of Bose speakers or providing a vehement statement that Bose is responsible for all social ills. Amazing. Anyway, yes, I bought a pair of Bose 901 Series IV speakers in 1981 and loved them for many years. I still use them in a quasi-home theater setup with my big screen TV providing the front speakers and the 901's for the rears, along with an old M&K subwoofer. I drive the 901's with an Onkyo receiver. I am not the world's biggest home theater fan but the sound of movies is pretty good.
I'm 64 years old. I don't know too much about high end equipment. all I can say is I bought my 4 901 series in 1971 during the 4 chanell era. till today I still have them so I don't know what I'm missing because I never heard any other high end speakers. I'm retired so I don't have funds to upgrade. one thing I do know is after reading and hearing since 1971 is that it's better too have too much power then to have enough power. so currently I have a McIntosh mc602 power amp with 600 watts per chanell.