Anyone using Duelund VSF capacitor in Merlin VSM

Has anyone experience from using these capacitors in Merlin speakers.
I have a smaller room perfectly sized for my Merlin VSM-MX.
I just love them and wonder if they could be improved.
I use tube throughout system apart from Meridian CD player.

Many Thanks!
Here is an Email Bobby sent me re: The difference between Mxe and the new MXr.


the cabinet material has been changed to a better sounding one imho. the sand chamber is larger and the double baffle on the front of the cabinet extended to the top of the sand chamber. the cabinet weighs more by a few pounds. when you add mass to a speaker cabinet it usually drives the q down so the bass sounds more extended. with the firing plane/baffle being more rigid the speakers sound like they go deeper and with more kick. better pitch defintion imho too. less resonace on the front baffle makes the hf sound more focused and precise.
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Seems like the benefits of mass and rigidity, to whatever degree they are so, or were ever an issue for the various iterations of the VSMs, has been known, or should have been known, for a long time, why implement that now? Whereas the Dueland seems to be the implementation of something that was not possible before, till Bobby found and realized signficant improvement in these capacitors - a new technology, that simply was never avaiable before. That is an upgrade that makes sense to me, and one that was not available during the previous 20 years of the VSMs evolution.
i previously owned the VSM-MXe's, and sold them recently to a friend. this past week, i received the VSM-MXR's, and this past weekend set them up. i'm very early in the break-in, but right out of the box the MXR's are a different animal. they're both more authoritative AND more articulate in the low end. my rock albums sound better than ever. i've ordered the master BAM and rc's as well, and will be looking forward to setting those up when it comes my turn.

i'll be happy to post more as the MXR's break in.
paul, the speakers sound very different with the master bam and rcs in place. i tried an experiment and i liked what i heard. increased mass and rigidity work well with the more robust sound of the master products. it was time because of them. the mxr and the master products were in development for a long time. there is no doubt in my mind that the mxe is better with them. you will be fine.
best, b
Thanks for the therapy:) But seriously, I do feel I am at a stage where I can stay with the MXe, love them, and not be looking for the next upgrade, especially one that would require selling the MXe. I look forward to hearing the Duelands.....