Anyone using Octave amps or preamps?

Is anyone else using these fine German built tube equipment?

We have on display and sold several of the integrated units. The V40SE ($4.9k) and V80 have done really well because of their value and overall performance. There is a new V70SE integrated that is coming out very soon which will have the same features as the V40SE and V80 (HT Bypass, Economode) but, of course, will provide more output, control, inputs, and overall refinement. The V80 is my personal favorite at $10.5k with phono as it uses the company's renowned hand-wound transformer, balanced input, and a great deal of current (4-KT88s).

The separates are really magical and just downright bargains in HiFi. We have used the MRE-130 monoblock amplifiers ($16k for the pair) on a pair of Dynaudio C4s and the results were inspiring.

Overall, we are biased being a dealer but we believe Octave to be one of the best values out there in HiFi. The build-quality and performance are stunning when comparing to other gear at almost any price point.

Plus, you can upgrade any of the amplifier or integrated units with either the Black Box or Super Black Box capacitance upgrade modules to further enhance the performance of your system as the budget allows.

Hope that helps!

Tyler T. Mueller

Next Level AV
Thank you for your response. As I live in germany I have maximum exposure with Octave products, been to the factory a couple of times and own Octave gear myself, the MRE130's with SBB and HP500SE with phono.

I am glad to see that these products are finally getting some exposure in the US as they are great products. I agree with you about being a great bargain for the money. That is why I am interested to see how they will fair against other well known name brand companies already established in the states.

Thank you again,
I was. Good machines, their top pre amp being a notch above AR. OTOH the "cheap" element escaped me; it wasn't priced stratospherically -- but wasn't dirt cheap either (nor did I expect it to be)!