Anyone using Octave amps or preamps?

Is anyone else using these fine German built tube equipment?

I've been using the MRE 130 /HP 500SE for the past 6 months, and I love it. I've owned Dartzeel, Pass Labs, MBL, VAC, and VTL. I have no doubt that in my system the Octave sound much more alive and enjoyable. Highly recommended.
Just a shout out for Tyler at Next Level. He is a pleasure to interact with and is committed to honest audiophile advice. Very committed to getting someone the best possible product for his system.
Darrin - Thank you for the kind words; the pleasure has truly been ours!

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Wow, great report in Absolute Sound about Octave phono preamp -- sounds like enough reviewers will pick up on how great Octave is and then the prices will go up!
I picked up an Octave Jubilee preamp from a guy selling his entire hi-fi system. It is only two years old and includes the remote control option. It was at a price point that fit within my budget.

Compared to the Octave HP500SE the Octave Jubilee preamp really shines in the low level resolution. The details in recordings seem to be present in the music versus the HP500SE somewhat lower level of resolution. The HP500SE with built in phono still a great bargain because it is an excellant unit. I compared the 500SE against the Einstein Tube, well, the Octave HP500SE remained in place, until recently, when I had the opportunity to get the Jubilee preamp for a great sale price.

I will be writing a user review in the not too distant future about the Octave Jubilee preamp.

I am also awaiting the Octave Phono amp to test on my system.

I think slowly the best secret in audio, Octave, will be coming to light in North America.