Anyone using Sheer Audio Platter on Rega P25?

Anyone using the Sheer Audio Platter on their Rega TT? I read the rave review in a recent issue of TAS, but can't find it mentioned in any of the threads on A'Gon. I'm thinking of ordering one & wondering if it's worth it. I'm also thinking of getting an Express Machining Heavyweight. So far my P25 is completely stock except for a Ringmat. I'm using it with a Benz Glider. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
I've heard it and didn't like it. It made the Rega sound less exciting IMO. Depends on what you want I guess.

Take a look at the F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight from Audiogon member, Gregory_Kerry. I have been continually astonished how it upgraded my Rega RB-300, and resulting vinyl listening pleasure. Similarly, I found a smaller, but meaningful upgrade when I replaced my Ringmat with the Non-felt mat, although the Herbie's mat is beloved by some other members. I don't know if choosing one of these mats would make changing the entire platter less of a priority.
I am using Sheer acrylic platter on my P25 which I like better than glass platter. Everything is more "developed" sound more like themselves. MOre information. I've compared many times and acylic always sound better.

I am also using a Heavyweight and a Clearaudio Syncro for speed stability. The Syncro makes a dramatic difference; quieter, much more coherent and musical. Highly recommended.
I used the Iron Audio Platter for a couple months and very much enjoyed it (also using a Roksan Corus cartridge and a very isolated TT, go to my system on A-Gon to check out what I mean.).

However, I subsequently swapped out the Rega's stock counterweight for the J A Michell Tecno Arm Stub & Counterweight. (FYI - I cannot say enough about this counterweight/armstub and its superb detail retrieval, improvement across all frequencies, better soundstaging, and other improvements. This stainless steel unit is supplied with two weights, one for cartridges of 3 to 6 grams, the other for those 6 to 13 grams. I found installation requires some precision in setting up. It also includes an integral stylus balance: to the rear of the counterweight is an aluminium adjuster with markings at 0.1g intervals.) In this combination, with the rest of my gear, I feel the stock glass platter is a better fit. I must mention that I A/B'd the stock and Iron Audio platters a few times to confirm what I was hearing, yet be advised that what I like may not be what your ears prefer.

FYI - I, and folks on The Vinyl Engine, are looking for someone to scan and forward a copy of each of the P25's manuals (for TT and the RB600). You can reach The Vinyl Engine at, send a message and the files of the scanned manuals to a moderator (try JaS), and help out your fellow audio enthusiasts.
I think it sounds great with P25. My P25 has many Mods on it, so it do not sound like the out of the box P25. New Platter, BDR feet, new tone arm wiring, and more.