Anyone using silicone oil for dampening??

I am looking for information on silicone oil that could be used for dampening my system. I am looking for someone with experience and has some knowledge regarding the use of silicone for dampening and possibly can help with the silicone viscosity..

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Bigkidz, the challenge with silicone is that it migrates everywhere and can create a real mess that can be very difficult to clean completely. If you want to try some damping pads, Loon's suggestion of sorbathane would be a better and safer option. Also consider Vibrapods. But, before going with a dampening solution like sorbathane or Vibrapods, be sure to do some reading in the archives. Experience with these solutions is far from uniformly positive. Good luck!
Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine. Damping = removing energy from a system, Dampening = make wet

To use oil for damping, it would have to be in something like a shock absorber, with a paddle or valved piston in the oil. Just like a car, this shock would also need a spring as it will not hold things up on its own.

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Here's a link for silicone oil of various viscosities:

I have the opposite experience with dampening. First having the room treated and having quite AC were the first issues that were addressed. Once that was completed, the dampening of the entire rack of components, each individual component and cables, wire, ICs have added more dynamics. Vibration is what seems to rob a system of dynamics and detail. In my friends system, everything is dampened/floating except for the speakers. The dynamics and detail are unreal, and you don't have to turn the system volume up to achieve this, you can basically talk over the volume and the dynamics and details are really that good. There are some products on the market that use air in them to isolate a component, we are trying to use something similar but add the silicone oil with the air to assist with additional component dampening.

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