Anyone: Wilson X1Grand Slamm/ Lamm ML2's

Anyone heard these 2 together? I've seconhand knowledge that it's quite a match but I'd appreciate knowing some details, e.g. if it can play macrodynamics,be delicate and yet still play loud without the amp pooping out.
David: I have heard the combination and without a doubt, I am not wrong. The speakers while being 96db efficient are much tougher to drive than their sensitivity suggests.

If you have ever heard the SLAMM's properly powered, you would know what I am talking about. The more power, the better with most Wilson speakers.

The problem with most of the combinations I have heard with ML2's, is improper speaker matching. The amps are beautiful sounding when properly mated with the right speakers. For example, your old combination with the ML2's and the Exquisites was anemic and highly overrated. I know, because I have had the ML2's on my Exquisite 1a's and frankly the combination was laughed at by most who heard it here.

I hope all is well with you.
Well Jonathan I guess one of is wrong then!

Over the years I've heard the Slamms with many different amps including the Levnison 33s when I owned them and I still maintain that two pairs of ML2s can easily drive them to very high levels.

I wouldn't call the Exquisite/ML2 combination laughable but I agree that its borderline acceptable and only in standard to small listening rooms. I never claimed that Exquisite/ML2 was a match made in heaven, in fact we used two pairs of Lamm M1.1s when we exhibited the 1a last. Still, we had enough Exquisite clients who opted for the ML2's naturalness over more power from another amp!
Hi Guys,
In general, what would you consider to be a good speaker that would bring out the magic of ML2's?
Thanks for the comments. I have to agree with Dkarmeli that the Lamm ML2 has produced and is capable of some of the most realistic dynamics and accurate, deep bass that I have EVER heard. After hearing this system and going home to my Wp7 driven by 750 watt tubed behemoths, my system sounded hopelessly compressed and broken in contrast! I have heard Wp7's driven with the ML2 and it was certainly not restrained, though we never pushed the volume levels. If the X1 is that much easier to drive, I'd have to suspect that they are probably an excellent pairing.