Anyone with Aric Audio experience?

Over the past 2.5 years I have been updating my system which I originally started building  in the late 1990's to early 2000's. (My system is in my profile) Two of the last pieces of that era in the system is the VAC CLA1 Mk III Preamp which has been serviced twice these past 1.5 years, once for an upgrade to Mk III and once to replace resister's,  I also have a VAC Renaissance 70/70 amp which was updated to a Signature 1 year ago but this past week I lost the left channel output so it's going back to Florida with me from Michigan to get repaired while i am down there. (I just re tubed it too) I think that although these are both great sounding to this day I may want to keep them as spares for the future or as Kevin refers to them as Museum Pieces. 

I don't think I would be happy long term with solid state as I can run my speakers internally amped and the Wavelet as the pre, which I have tried and it's just not for me. Even with the amp down when i just run the VAC preamp and the speakers self powered  I prefer it that way. But immediately sensed something missing once the amp was taken out of the chain to be boxed for repair. I just prefer tubes. Well unfortunately I cannot afford to replace with up to date VAC components due to my restricted retired income and the cost. I don't want to take a chance on sourcing used units as I really just want to be done here and enjoy without risk.


I've researched  Aric Audio and this looks like a pairing I can integrate into my rig and be happy long term. Seems that I get the impression that those that have his stuff are happy from what I have gleaned on these forums. I am in communication with Aric via email to find the right Amp and Preamp to suit my speakers. Since I already have a 300B based amp was looking for something else he makes. Maybe with 20-50 WPC. My speakers require at least 10 and i am currently at 65 with the VAC.


So if anyone has bought anything from Aric how happy are you with them and have they been reliable and satisfying to your ears? This is going to take me quite a while to save for so I will just use what I have until i can buy their replacements. The good news is the speakers can be self powered and the Wavelet can be a preamp if needed. That was my contingency plan for "spares"


Thank you for any insight.

Happy New Year!


I haven't bought anything from Aric.  but I've been watching them for a while.  They make the type of amps I like, very simple hand-made, point-to-point SETs.  What I can tell you is I haven't read anything negative here in the forum and I've read a lot of positive.


I purchased a pre from Aric a few years back. I also purchased one of his preamps on the used market. The same great service.  He is awesome to work with, and he responds very quickly when any questions pop up.  

Yes, be assured that you will be getting something special with Aric. I have the 300B and 6SN7 line stage. I'm extremely satisfied.

I have owned three Aric amps and still have two of them. I currently have a “one off” EL 84 PP amp and a version of his Super 300B amp with some upgrades. To say I’m a happy Aric Audio customer would be an understatement. These are high quality products at fair and reasonable prices. The two things that set his amps apart from the pack are how dynamic they sound and how quiet they are. I’m talking about “ear against the speaker with zero noise” quiet. You’d think it wasn’t even turned on.

So yes, @aricaudio gets my highest recommendation for quality and customer service.

I concur with all that has been aforementioned. I purchased  the Special preamp from Aric as a demo model about 4 years ago and purchase his Transcend amplifier used from a fellow AGer a couple years later. Aric upgraded my Special to the Super last summer and I will likely have him upgrade my amplifier in the near future. Aric's products and service are exemplary.