Anyone with Hearing Aids

Do you listen with or without them....Any tips, etc.
Now I know why you chose the VPI 3D over the 10.5i.

You are hard of hearing. LOL!
I've been wearing hearing devices for a couple of months and i agree with the comments above. I treat them as another component in my system enjoying their strengths and recognizing their (few) negative aspects. They have provided me with a whole new window on the wonderful music that I had been missing for most of my adult life. Also, I do wear them with my senn 650s, kind of tricky to set the phones on your ears so they don't hit the vol on the devices. I turn down the device volume very low and control vol through the head amp.
Wear the ear horns and enjoy the music.
Stringen, you wrote:
"The name of the company is RESOUND. I don't know if they are good or not, but they seem to work well, and don't intrude with my music. I'm a pro musician and that was a prime concern to me."

Can you kindly tell us what model you have? I went to their website but found trying to evaluate their numerous models confusing.
Thank you