Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?

Over the last few years I have developed tinnitus and also have some hearing issues.  I am a long time music and audio fanatic.  Years ago I built my own Hafler amp.  Before that I had a great AR system.  Presently, I have, what I believe, is a pretty nice system in a dedicated listening room (about 60,000.00).  My question is if there are others of you out there in similar situations concerning your hearing issues as they relate to your love and reproduction of great sounding music?  What are your experiences? Have you found anything that helps and do you have any advice? I would venture to say that we all experience some degree of hearing loss, or hearing anomalies as we age...whether we realize it or not.  Thanks, Jim 
As a 65 year old with Tinnitus and hyperacusis, hearing to 6k right and 8k left I find any listening above 80db will leave my ears worn and further
listening of any level painful.

I learned this the hard way my first trip to a show. Second and third days were a complete waste as my ears hurt.

Now I always have good earplugs with me.
Extras in the car and my travel kit. 
I wear them at all shows now. If the music is being played at 75db I will take them out. I have the free db phone app. Easy to compare.

I have some pretty good articles on what research is working on now
posted at under the University tab for anyone who
cares to read them.

Please send me any good articles you may have kept.

Thanks for sharing everyone!

I have worn hearing aids since 2007.  I retired from a long career as an audio production engineer in 2016.  I noticed hearing issues around 2004 or so but I was dealing with a much more serious medical issue at that time.  By 2007 it became apparent that I needed to do something.  So I got my first set , they were Phonak.

Today I’m on my 3rd set of hearing aids.  My audiologist fitted me with the topof the line Oticon and these are the most audio and music friendly hearing aids I’ve had.  Though retired I still produce audio for clients and have learned how to compensate for any anomalies the hearing aids may cause.

I put a few dollars into my home studio and that includes vinyl playback.  When I upgraded my TT cartridge to an Ortofon OM Blue I really heard a noticeable difference.  That was a huge surprise.

No, I can’t hear much above 8K with the hearing aids.  But the aids give me the higher frequency support I need.  I hear things with (augmented) clarity.  So Ithey work for me.  My advice is to audition audiologists.  Find one you are comfortable with.  Make sure you tell them that music and audio are important to you.  Ask questions.  Hearing aids are ridiculously overpriced and there’s nothing you can do about it.  But the right set for you will make all the difference n the world.

There is a thread over at AVS by a fellow that discovered there are "audiophile" hearing aids. Considerably more expensive and only of the "behind-the-ear" type, but hey, at least there may be help. I have tinnitus and hearing loss and was very bummed by it until I scoured that thread. Ironically, the guy ended up not needing aids at all as his issues were caused by an underlying and correctable medical issue, but while his issues persisted he tried several different models (that he names) with varying success. Since then I’ve been planning to, at some point, get regular in-ear aids for everyday life and some of these high-end aids strictly for listening to music. *EDIT* I just noticed that the post above mine mentions a couple of the same aids that this fellow I'm talking about tried...
I have mild tinnitus and high-frequency hearing loss in both ears.   Probably from too many concerts too close to the stacks...

I can still hear differences in equipment and music presentation.   I’m sure I’m not hearing everything, but I can hear enough.   So what.   I hear what I hear and that’s good enough for me.   This isn’t a contest.   When I hear differences that I assess as an improvement that’s great.   If I can’t hear any difference it doesn’t matter.

Trust your ears, not other people’s ears.    If you hear a difference and it matters to you, good.   If not, just think of the money you’ll save!
I’ve had moderate tinnitus for 20 years due to acoustic trauma (loud machinery and concerts). It came on suddenly and I stopped listening to music for about 3 years. I also have some high frequency hearing loss. Over time I habituated to the tinnitus and most of the time I am not aware of it. I enjoy my system very much and listen almost every day. I have custom molded earplugs that I use in loud environments. I will probably need hearing aids at some point in the future. When the tinnitus is bothersome I use a masking device like this: