Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?

Over the last few years I have developed tinnitus and also have some hearing issues.  I am a long time music and audio fanatic.  Years ago I built my own Hafler amp.  Before that I had a great AR system.  Presently, I have, what I believe, is a pretty nice system in a dedicated listening room (about 60,000.00).  My question is if there are others of you out there in similar situations concerning your hearing issues as they relate to your love and reproduction of great sounding music?  What are your experiences? Have you found anything that helps and do you have any advice? I would venture to say that we all experience some degree of hearing loss, or hearing anomalies as we age...whether we realize it or not.  Thanks, Jim 
Absolutely great thread!  A big Thank You to Pfeiffer for starting it, and a Big Thank You to everyone else sharing the experiences of what works to try to combat this.  We spend so much time discussing equipment here but rarely discuss topics like this, which are equally, if not more, important.  Thank You 👍
Once again consulting my PhD wife, Dirk De Ridder is a Belgian Neurosurgeon who is arguably the preeminent authority on tinnitus. I guess he is just crazy smart.  My wife has met him. I suggest anyone who wants more information should research his findings.
I am a long time audiophile with a moderately hi end system. I have had mild tinnitus and significant hearing loss for some time. My hearing drops about 35db from 2k to 3k. I went to a good audiologist 4 years ago, which I would highly recommend. Based on my audio interest, he was very interested in how I would perceive the benefits in music listening with latest hearing aids. I was able to try a few brands and technology levels before settling on a Phonak mid -level model. It was helpful for Speech intelligibility and TV but I didn't like the electronic sound when listening to music and the audiologist couldn't suggest anything better. I recently went back to see what new technology was available and found Widex 2020 hi end models interesting. They have very fast chips and many points of control. They also allow different levels of direct sound to mix in so the hearing aid boost is primarily in the area of hearing loss (this mix effectiveness is obviously a function of processor speed). Based on this decided to purchase the expensive hi-end model (with 90 day return). The high end model has a Music mode which sounded appealing but I find it to be too much. The level I like is PureSound which I can adjust to just enhance hi frequencies a bit with the convenient app on my iPhone. Some recordings benefit a lot and some I just take them out. Overall, I am happy to have them.

My latest, compensation attempt is using the Roon Parametric Equalizer to boost based on my hearing loss. It actually works pretty well but I keep it at only10db boost. Anything more starts to sound weird.

Also Widex is a leader in Tinnitus treatment which the Audiologist can set up in most of their models. Apparently, it can play relaxing tones in the background to minimize Tinnitus discomfort.
Interesting about the vitamin D. I just started taking it for this COVID stuff. Maybe it will help my tinnitus.
Most Americans are Vitamin D "insufficient" I've been told. My doctor said I was "dangerously low" following my annual blood panel. It made sense because I was receiving little sun exposure due to spending most hours indoors studying for my masters. It had gotten so bad that I was having blurry vision spells and speech issues. Taking D supplements changed my life. Thinking back, I suspect I was probably deficient for years, but it wasn't until I switched PC physicians that they noticed. 

Even if it doesn't cure anyone's tinnitus, probably a good idea to take it anyway. Apparently it's needed for maintaining normal hormone levels.

My cousin has been a carpenter for 40 years, the skil-saws past 35 years is hard on his hearing.Me also, operating engineer for almost 30 years now, screaming Diesel engines for 25+ years is damaging.
 Even with earplugs, the 130DB DETROIT DIESEL, 3 feet from me for years, has taken its toll.
 I wear plugs at concerts,p for which I’m ridiculed, for, I don’t cares, trying to save what I have left.
my Father, local 150, as well, hearing loss young, high freq were gone. Cancer, and dead by age 74 (WAY TO DAMN YOUNG!!!!)

im in the same ship, chemicals, dust, haz-mat jobs, loud machines, etc etc.

 I can hear a difference , certain speakers, recordings, etc.

 take care of your hearing brothers/sisters., you only have a short time to protect your hearing.

 I still hit as many metal shows as I can, and OF COURSE EARPLUGS!!