Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?

I'm counting right now 19 (nineteen) PS Audio DSD DACs for sale (new and used). Strange. Some second owners also selling... The reviews are unanimously stellar.

I wonder why.
Also, the DS really need a data only USB cable or a USB card that can cut off the power.
I currently have a DSD for sale, and I'll tell you why.

It has less gain than the PWD, so in my low gain, direct-to-amp system I was able to top out the volume control. The music was plenty loud, but there were times I wanted a tiny bit more and couldn't get it. The DSD also sounds better on its low gain setting, as that reduces the analog noise floor.

Spectacular imaging and *way* more detail retrieval than the PWD (my only source of comparison), but I just couldn't use it without a preamp because of the gain issues. Someone without these issues would likely adore it, and should buy mine.
I had a PS Direct Stream w/the Transport combo in my home from PS. It was the latest w/ DSD,Pike's Peak upgrade all the new bells and whistles. It would not play some of my CD collection as I still spin disk. It was a little cheesy built. The display was a joke to see across the room. In the end,I kept my Ayon CD7S. BTW, I am semi-retired and I did get over 250 hours on the unit and it seemed to settle in at that time. Still liked my Ayon Better.

You might have considered the Paul Speltz Zero Auto Transformers. They work like a charm to add gain. I have no gain issues anymore.