Apartment Room Acoustics Help

Just moved into a new apartment and trying to setup the system. Some upfront info: Ceilings are 10', speakers are setup 3 feet out from 18' back wall which is floor to ceiling glass, and both speakers are 7 feet or so from side walls (one is all glass again and other is drywall. Side walls are 18 feet long or so and I have setup the sofa about 6-7 feet from the speakers to try and keep a near field listening position. The back wall is the kitchen which is about 10 feet behind the sofa. As you can see I have tried to keep the boundaries away from both the speakers and myself to try to minimize the relections -which as you can imagine with all these hard surfaces is brutal. The floors are hardwood with an area carpet between me and the speakers. There is minimal furniture, however, so the room is quite reverberant and has a lot of "bark" for lack of a better word. Mids are too dominant and muddy while highs surprisingly are a bit too muted and I miss the sweetness I know these speakers can provide (B&W 805s). Any suggestions from the crowd?
As you have determined, room treatments are needed. Suggest you read Jim Smith's book, Better Sound, and also Floyd Toole's 'Sound Reproduction'. Take your time, try different placements. Six months would not be too short a time to get it 'right'. What ever you do, do not buy and gear for now.
I just did some room treatment last week . My room as most was all sheetrock and windows. The solution was adding johnsmanville 814 2x4 panels My costs were $75 for nine sheets plus fabric and wood for frames.Everything came together, better bass,mids, highs tamed . I would find myself only listening to about half my music due to the fatigue from the highs. Now i am listening to all generes.It has changed everything .I am blown away what this did. For the $ 600 i spent i would have spent $2000 for this improvement . Good luck !
Thanks to all, I just ordered the Jim Smith book and DVD set last night. Figured its better than blowing it on gold plated wire supports. Let you know what I come up with for fixes.