Apature Accuflow Cables

Anyone familiar with these cables?  I bought these several years ago and am somewhat happy with them. Your opinions?




Yes, I am familiar with them from the 90s. Bought 40 feet of the Apature Accuflow speaker wire and cut it down to 10’ runs to bi amp a pair of Snell Type J2s with a pair of B&K ST140s. The system was very good with one of the original Audible Illusions Modulus preamps, Phillips based CD used as a transport, PS Audio Dac, AREB101 turntable with my trusted Grace F9R and the system was great, listened to this set up for 18 years. Paid $1.00 a foot for the speaker wire. Enjoy the music

My memory tells me they were a big step up from Monster Cable at that time. The AA cables were the go to cable at Audio Concepts in Houston Texas where I bought most of my gear back then and they used it in their listening room set ups for demos. I actually was purging my home for a move and gifted the cables to a friend to internally rewire some Fried speakers and he was quite satisfied with the results. 

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