APO Doors Reissues

Anyone heard the new APO Doors reissues on 45 rpm Lp? It sounds like the mix is the same, instruments hard right and left, Morrison in the center for the most part. Is that the case?

While I understand the outrage from some quarters that would follow any change to the original mix, it seems to me that the original mix was a less than ideal decision and I don't see why it can't be improved on.
I am also not sure who the reviewer for MY VINYL REVIEW is, but I did check it out. That said, I had a similar reaction about Strange Days. It was simply like, "WOW, it can't get much better than this." More importantly, it doesn't seem to strip away emotion, which is tough to describe. For instance, there are other releases that have great this and great that, but just didn't pull me by the heartstrings. The one that comes to mind is the 45rpm,Fleetwood Mac: Rumours. Just for completeness sake, I did not have a First press Strange Days to compare. So IMHO, they hit a home run with this one. I believe both my Morrison Hotel and S/T albums are first presses. MH is a red label, while my S/T is BROWN. I will soon make the comparison between my BROWN label S/T,and the 45.
I just received the Doors Soft Parade album reissue 45rpm. I thought it sounded just fine. With a nod to the reviewer who questioned the low end being unusually absent, I second the observation. Other than that, the recording seemed entirely in keeping with original pressings that I own. Would I buy the remastered/reissued Doors boxed set based on one LP from Analogue Productions - yes, without hesitation.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'll stay the course with my pre-order of the whole set. When you're dealing with a subjective experience like this multiple viewpoints are helpful although confusing. Both Fremer and the reviewer from "My Vinyl Review" compared the 45s to original pressings quite favorably. At least one satisfied customer on Audio Asylum actually applauded the low end on his copy. Several people have also stated that the more resolving the system the better they sound. Go figure I guess.
Along with the subjectivity of the listening experience, I imagine results are also heavily system AND probably copy dependent. At a certain point you just have to take that leap and try it for yourself. I have nine cartridges, four tonearms on two sp-10 MKllls, Allnic phono and preamp with upgraded transformers feeding the MX-R monos and 5As. Hopefully, if the low end is there I'll find it. I also have DCCs and originals to compare to. Should be fun. Here goes nothin'.
Whats the best pressing of a specific title is subjective and very dependent on the quality of your gear and the sound signature you choose when you bought your cartridge, TT, Phono amp, amp, speakers. I can also see people leaning to different pressing not because they are better but because they resolve the deficiencies in their system ie: too bright, too dark, bad setup, etc. These Doors reissues are really nice, nothing lacking on my system, just more of everything.
yeah, you're right musichead. i need to get a close-and-play record player to try these new releases, maybe they'll sound good then.