Apogee Duetta vs Mangnepan 3.6r

I have never heard the Apogee Duetta speakers and was wondering how they compare to the Magnepan 3.6rs. The Apogee Duetta would probably be a good match for my Sonic Frontiers Power 3 tube amps. Are there any draw backs to buying Apogee Duetta speakers this late in the game? What about support?
I do not think Dschultz never really got hear a set of Duetta signatures the way I have. A close friend owns a local audio store in Albuquerque, and sells Magnepans and we have tried very hard to make a pair of 3.6 sound better than my old Duetta signatures. The Bass on the 3.6 is tubby at best with no dynamics. We tried many different amp set-ups and we could not get the 3.6 to match the Duetta Signatures wide open, deep sound stage. The Magnepans tonal balance was not even close to the D's. The bass on the D's is tight deep and fast, the midrange is smooth and 3 dimensional, The highs are fast, smooth, and extended. I tried for days to get the Magnepans to sound as good or better but I could not do it. I wanted to buy a new set of 3.6 because I wanted to support my friend's store, and a warranty would also be nice, but the Apogee Duetta Signatures just simply sounded significantly better.
What speaKers do you have, and what is wrong? Also what kind of music do you like?
I had Maggie 0.5, 1,6, and 2x 3.6's then Apogee Scintilla, DIVA, Duetta, (parents have Calipers) and i own an Apogee GRAND. The Maggie is less trouble, simpler to drive, move, mainting and easier on the pocket book. But when it comes to absolute sound, the Maggie doesnt stand a chance. But they will always hold a special place in my audio heart.
There is NOTHING out there like a Full Range Ribbon Apogee!
Many other full range ribbons designs come close but they are not the same. The three dimensionality, RESOLUTION, Transient respond and SPEED is a one of a kind breed when it comes to Apogees. They dont do everything correctly but most of what the Apogees can do is worth living for them compared to anything else.
I've had a pair of Duetta signature in the past and still have a pair of 3.6r . The apogees were powered with a pair of krells kma160 and now I have from class t to tube amps for the 3.6s . IMHO comparing the apogees to the 3.6s is like comparing an M5 with a Mini Cooper S . And for you not to be mistaken the M5 is the apogee . Both are good but in a different ligue . Regards