Apogee Scintillas and how to change from 4 to 1 oh

I just bought a pair of Apogee Scintilla's a 1 / 4 ohm . Not sure how to hook up for either 1 or 4 ohm. The manual seems to be missing how to switch from one to the other. Is it moving the wires on the binding posts-internally or is it putting a jumper across etc. the manual doesn't show what wires are to which binding posts internally that needs to be changed if that is the case.
I am using a Sunfire signature amp with bi wiring if I wish..or just with the normal pair of outputs with a jumper wire between the sets of binding posts per speaker??
The early Scintillas were were configurable for a 1 or 4ohm load, the later models were 1ohm only (from 1987 approximately). While the 4ohm setting on the earlier models made the Speaker considerably easier to drive, according to the reviewers in doing so lost some of it's "magic".

They two models can easily be identified:
The 1 and 4ohm model has cuts in the bass panel spaced approx ¾" apart measured vertically
The 1ohm only model has cuts spaced approx 1½" apart (double the normal cut spacing).

Not sure if there is jumper inside or not.
Sheesh! 1 Ohm--must be driving the Primary of the Transformers Direct

Not many amps can handle that--What are you using?--My Electro

Research A75's could with that tap on the Dayton Wrights!

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Hello there,

you need to rewire them internally. There is no jumper for that externally. The absolute best resource is Graz in Australia from Apogee Acoustics. (www.apogeeacoustics.com). You can find a link to the crossover schematic here


Its best to send him an e.mail he can give very good instructions.

Good luck

PS: Its one of the best speaker speakers ever made. Enjoy it and don't fry your amp :-)
Call Richard Murry at True Sound Works Inc. 775-267-4244.

I spoke with him recently and he was very helpful.
It will be interesting to see if the Sunfire Signature can handle the Scintillas on the 1 ohm setting. The amp is claimed to deliver "4,000 watts one ohm - time limited basis".