Apogee vs Soundlab

Which speaker is better: Apogee or Soundlab and why? Which is superior technically speaking: fullrange ribbon or fullrange electrostatic speaker and why?
Disclaimer: It is not my intention to start a fullrange ribbon vs fullrange electrostatic war. I just want to hear your opinions.

If both speakers are connected with top notch electronics, definetely the Apogee.
More punch, more depth and realistic soundstage
I have always liked electrostatics, but worry about their dust collecting properties. So I choose Maggies, and they certainly come close to ES in sound.
I would say in terms of resolution they are about equal. Dynamics and sheer power, definetly the Apogee. Ultimate coherency the Soundlabs win. Both are top notch speakers.
I agree with all of the above, however with bigger OTLs the Sound Labs really come alive as far as dynamics and power are concerned and to my ears hold their own even with the big Apogees and since I trust Albert Porter's ears I would say that with the big VTLs they could easily do just as well.
Apogee and Sound Lab have (had) several different models, so it's not as clear cut, as in name only.

More like: Which Apogee models, compete with which, Sound Lab models?

The biggest, and best Apogees, are the Apogee Grand, Apogee Fullrange, Apogee Scintilla, Apogee Diva, Apogee Studio Grand.

The biggest, and best Soundlabs?....I'm not up on them.