Apogee vs Soundlab

Which speaker is better: Apogee or Soundlab and why? Which is superior technically speaking: fullrange ribbon or fullrange electrostatic speaker and why?
Disclaimer: It is not my intention to start a fullrange ribbon vs fullrange electrostatic war. I just want to hear your opinions.


There was nothingw rong with teh VTL but nor was there anything special. Mien was VTL 750 (the one with higher quality caps). Most tube amps in their bigger version lose their magic or some other quality. The VTL 750 lacks air and does not have well articulated bass. of course it is all relative, so I am comparing with the Jadis 500, Audio Valve or Lamms. The TRL GT-400 is in a higher league than all of these.

I have not listened to the Siegfried so I cannot say. By the way, I do not pay any attention to reviews in audio magazines ro their class A/B/C rating or other rubbish which is mostly market manipulation to ensure the adds keep coming.

So if you are in market for a new amp, listen to a few amps yourself and then decide which one you like, Sigefried inclusive.
Dave, the Apogee Grands is an active speaker system, isn't it? With tons of very complicated cross over electronics and should be biamped also. Well, that would be to much hassle for me. A Diva will do, but the price for a 19 year old pair of Diva's is ridiculous high! So I'm sticking with Soundlab, heheh.

The Grand is a fully active 4 way system. It needs 8 channels of amplification, 4 are build into the speaker. 2 Monos for the Subwoofer and 2 Monos for the Tweeter (all 4 are Krell KAS) with external power supply. Onboard displays and computers allows to set "presets", individual driver level, rake and phase adjustment, volume and diagnostic.

I own a pair myself and currently have another pair that i can offer.

PS: I owned Scintillas, DIVAS, Caliper and Stage
Strange comments on the vtl amps as albertporters system had the vtl 750 monoblocks driving his soundlabs; when I emailed albert for advice regarding his setup there was never a bad word mentioned; there must have been a weak link else where in Gallant_diva's system.
Jafox: what amp do you prefer with your soundlabs as I have m2's with the tordials and impedance mods?
Rleff: It is all relative. The owner of a Honda Accord may love it but the owner of a Mercedes may not find the Accord attractive enough.

Regarding the Audio chain, I have had a large variety of audio componenents to optimzie the chain of my system before determing the true merits and demerits of one component. The VTL is just an ok amp but does not have anything special and in not in the leeague of amps like Jadis, Lamm, Audio Valve or Tube Research Labs. Think of the VTL as a an Accord, then the Jadis is a Mercedes.......and TRL a Ferari. These days, because of audiogon, you can always afford Ferrai or Merecdes or Lexus at the price of an Accord. Please test drive the car yourself and not believe other people's words before you decide to buy one. And it s fine if you still prefer an Accord.

Hope I made my point? cheers.