Apple iPad music streamer


I am currently using an iPad to an external DAC streaming Qobuz @ 24/192. It sounds amazing! Anyone else using an iPad as a streamer? I am wondering if buying a dedicated music streamer would improve my listening? 



Thanks everyone for great suggestions and conversation. I ordered a bluesound node. I'm moving on up! Hey ghdprentice, what streamer cost $22,000?  

Aurender Streamers get to that price. I have my eye someday on the N200 just released.

Voodoolounge I think you’ll be impressed!

I thoroughly enjoy my Node 2i, which was reportedly a substantial step above the Node 2, in sound quality. Now I’m reading that the current Node is yet another step above the 2i. I used the analog out (internal DAC) Node 2i for a couple months before getting curious about using an external DAC. I found the DAC in the economical Emotiva PT-100 was not an improvement, but the DAC in my Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated did deliver a little finer detail and strings had a little more realistic warmth. The improved DAC in the Node may raise the bar for external DACs.

Dedicated streamer with Cat-8 Ethernet cable definitely will improve the SQ by several reasons. Separate DAC will give you even more improvement. Lanier outboard power supply for your streamer will give you another level of improvement. Also, such a setup could give you opportunity to play with SQ details using different interconnects. Descent streamer setup to start hear improvement probably will cost you 2K minimum. Good candidates: Lumin D2 or U1, Teac NT-505, Bluesound Node(only if used with separate DAC), Cambridge CXN v2 or Azur 851N…

I have a Marantz external DAC, and plan to a/b with the Node DAC.  Cat 8? My location doesn't allow for a LAN connection. I'm using WIFI but want to try a power line by Netgear.