Apple iPad music streamer


I am currently using an iPad to an external DAC streaming Qobuz @ 24/192. It sounds amazing! Anyone else using an iPad as a streamer? I am wondering if buying a dedicated music streamer would improve my listening? 



Dedicated streamer with Cat-8 Ethernet cable definitely will improve the SQ by several reasons. Separate DAC will give you even more improvement. Lanier outboard power supply for your streamer will give you another level of improvement. Also, such a setup could give you opportunity to play with SQ details using different interconnects. Descent streamer setup to start hear improvement probably will cost you 2K minimum. Good candidates: Lumin D2 or U1, Teac NT-505, Bluesound Node(only if used with separate DAC), Cambridge CXN v2 or Azur 851N…

I have a Marantz external DAC, and plan to a/b with the Node DAC.  Cat 8? My location doesn't allow for a LAN connection. I'm using WIFI but want to try a power line by Netgear. 

I started out with an iPad utilizing the camera kit to my Marantz SACD player via USB. I liked the sound. At the time I was streaming Tidal. I eventually went with a dedicated streamer, the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra into an external DAC. I run Pro-Ject’s streaming app (Volumio based) through the iPad and stream Qobuz and Spotify. The Pro-Ject app is a little wonky but it works well once you figure it out and I do enjoy having the ability to run everything from my chair or the kitchen when I’m cooking. Currently streaming Wi-Fi but working to hard wire the system. Some have questioned the cost of the Pro-Ject Streambox as it is RPi based but it works very well. Good luck and happy streaming!

I’ve been doing it this way too and got a nice boost in detail, transparency, imaging, and soundstage by ditching the Apple Camera adapter and getting the one from LavriCable.  I was happy until I hooked up my CD transport and realized it sounded better, and after asking around here I’ll be getting a streamer — probably an iFi Stream.  Congrats on taking the plunge.  I think you made the right choice.