Apple Music hi Rez sound quality? My take.

I have been using Qobuz as my primary streaming source now for several years and have compared it to Tidal and most recently Apple Music, since they have given me a free 90 day subscription. I can easily hear the difference between Qobuz and Apple Music streams. Apple Music seems to have decent detail but the sound is very warm and thick, to my ears, in my system. I wish I could describe it a little better.
Qobuz seems to have a much cleaner, detailed sound with better imaging and staging.If Apple Music was all that was available, I could live with it but I will not end up becoming a paid subscriber. I do not like the way Apple Music does not allow you to know what bit rate is being presented. I also tried the Dolby Atmos that Apple offers and it sounds somewhat artificial to me.
And I do have my volume set to max on the LUMIN T2, since Apple says that is the way you get the highest resolution lossless stream.

I am wondering if I am missing something here with Apple or most likely I just don’t care for the sonic differences I am hearing.
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