I have a new refurbished Apple phone that I have spent quit a bit of time trying to contact somebody at Apple to fix it....Its one month old......I have to wonder how a person can call a Apple person without spending the rest of there life trying to contact someone in the communication business.....I have tried e-mail, of course no body has a phone number, but if your phone doesn;t work , how would you call them anyhow......Maybe I should just sell it and get another brand that works.............What do you think ?? 
If you are a real customer, I'm sure your arrogance and blatant lack of education has something to do with your not being taken seriously.  I don't like Apple, but I was forced to use an iPhone by my employer while my wife and daughter got a Samsung and an HTC.  Boy was I jealous.  Anyway, I'm sure Apple would not have garnered its cadre of lemmings if the product or the service were as bad as you say.
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Hey what type of apple phone is it if your telling the truth I will buy it from you
no 100 mile drive just a drop in the. Mail box
I waiting for this thread to dive into a flame fest. Just so you know, the OP isn't someone that would waste your time. He knows all about excellent products and service. Meet Will Vincent, tube amp builder and restorer.
Check him out:
I've used Apple products for over 15 years now (since the iNtel switch) and have never even come close to having an issue getting something repaired or replaced. 

Makes me wonder...