I have a new refurbished Apple phone that I have spent quit a bit of time trying to contact somebody at Apple to fix it....Its one month old......I have to wonder how a person can call a Apple person without spending the rest of there life trying to contact someone in the communication business.....I have tried e-mail, of course no body has a phone number, but if your phone doesn;t work , how would you call them anyhow......Maybe I should just sell it and get another brand that works.............What do you think ?? 
If you bought a phone that doesn’t work send it back. If you bought it from someone with no returns…what did we learn?
Apple sucks, buy a Samsung Android phone....I've owned Apple iPhones, and they all have had issues. They are difficult to use with usb storage media without buying additiinal proprietary Apple gadgets to make it work. The battery life also sucks, and the screens constantly Crack and issues with the android phones I've had. 
All refurbished phones are like that, you never know what could be wrong with it and brand doesn’t matter. If you want cheaper buy demo or display iPhone better. Ones i had to replace a cracked screen on my daughters iPhone X and at Apple store they said that repair doesn’t worth for them instead they offered me completely new demo phone same price as repair. 
Short VERSION:  RETURN it and go to  They Never Fail you for perfect new used gear.