NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, ..DON’T PURCHASE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

SORRY Tom wanted to watch GREYHOUND,

but that will have to WAIT for the DVD release…nice.

Like next year, maybe, or NOT.

You can keep on entering what the unit requires, BUT, there’s always once more layer to vet, and all the time spent goes down the tubes.

PEOPLE at APPLE customer service try their best, BUT to no avail.


IF you bought ONE for the HOLDAYS, return it and purchase the ROKU.

Good move!

OTHERWISE the recipient will have an onerous hour(s) of SET UP ahead!

AND it may never work!

IF you have an iPhone, as in older model, and haven’t logged in for while,

GOOD Luck with that.

Sorry, forewarned is knowledge you should take to HEART, and before DEC 24!

By By $200………………………..

You feeling me yet????????????????????

I really liked my Apple TV 4K, but had to sell it. Didn't realize that you couldn't rent movies within the apps. My wife likes to rent Amazon & VUDU movies from time to time. Can't do it within the Apple because they want a cut of the money, but Amazon & VUDU don't wanna play ball. Now I have a Roku. It's fine (enough) though I preferred the Apple interface. Now my main problem is the whole Roku / HBO Max debacle.
Thank you all for your constructive feedback, more knowledge always provides perspective and clarity.
Be well!
The OP is obviously hates Apple.

Ignore this post.

Apple TV 4K is great if you are in the Apple eco system.

Best picture quality over the cheap Roku or Amazon cube.
I have owned both.

All the apps you could ever need.

Get the 64gb model you will need the space.

Put a rubber band on the remote so as to find the right side up. Love the touch pad and voice search.

Agreed on the AppleTV 4K being the best option out there, and if take more than five minutes to get it setup the problem is between your ears and not with the Apple TV.

I watch Apple TV shows (free 1 year membership with purchase), Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVM, PBS, CNBC, etc. easy setup, better picture than my FireTV 4K, fast interface, and I like the remote.

I don’t care what people use to stream but misinformation and BS needs to be challenged.