Apple TV without TV

Hi all,

After a long hiatus I am looking to put a computer based system together. I'm not an Apple guy but the Apple TV with hard disc seems to fit the bill: reasonably good analog output and output to a DAC, has a 160GB hard disc built in, plus it's cheap.

Only hangup is that I've read on Positive Feedback that you can't use it without a TV connected. In the parlour, this will not fly. Not even a small one. I do own an Android phone or I could buy a Harmony remote. Can either of these run an ATV without the TV monitor?
What Macdadtexas said.

A Harmony remote will control an ATV,but you need to be able to see what you're highlighting and selecting.

iPhone or iPod Touch will control it without a TV. Check out Apple's refurbished stuff on their website to save a few bucks.

The analog output isn't all that great to my ears. The digital output to my Rega DAC sounds fantastic.
Have you considered Squeezebox touch? Much better sound quality via analog out.... easy interface, and no need for Ipad or Ipod touch...
Thanks for the replies.

Macdadtexas: I wanted to avoid using the Apple ecosystem other than ATV if possible.

Kbarkamian: Hoped a Harmony with display would give the visual needed. Might consider a marked down touch... The analog out is short term, plan is to add a DAC after the system is up and I'm dialed in to its sound. Glad you like your Rega; it is on my list.

Arni: I've considered the SB touch. Almost pulled the trigger but thought ATV's onboard HD was worth a look. ATV 2 is a possibility. Haven't ruled SB out.

If an Android app would show ATV's menu I'd pull the trigger. Don't see devs rushing to support it now since it's discontinued. That leaves ATV 2 and SB the likely contenders.
The internal hard drive is why I chose the ATV too. Computer doesn't need to be running, no wireless issues, etc. If you store everything as Apple Lossless, you should have plenty of room. If you need more room, synch what you listen to most often and stream the rest.

If Android has an ATV 2 app, I don't see why it wouldn't work for the ATV 1.