Appropriate Apple table for Roon

What’s the best apple tablet and what configuration (ram/ storage) is needed to have the best Roon experience?  
I stream via Tidal.  
Thanks so much for all advice.  


Not really sure about what I need to set up Roon but I know I need a tablet.  Whatever is required to get the best sound result.  Please advise.  I’m considering what streamer I would need as well.  

I use a dedicated MacBook Air (M2) with a 2 TB hard-drive for both my Roon Core and for my music library.  I have a Roon Ready Moon 390 preamp as the endpoint (receives signal from my laptop).  I also have Roon on an old iPad Mini.  That works fine, but battery runs down after 4-5 hours.  MacBook Air is good for the entire day.

Finally, in another post, someone mentioned the lack of Roon tech support.  Agreed!  I'm not an engineer and the first 3-4 weeks with Roon were a challenge.  You're pretty much on your own studying (deciphering) the Roon Labs Help Center and/or asking the Roon community for help.  A really second-rate way to support your customers.

Roon Core.  Need a Mac mini or computer or nucleus or many other roon core computers


Room remote.   Any iPad is good Choice. iPhones also work if you like the small display:  I like the ipad I am a Mac  guy. 


Roon endpoint  can be DAC w integrated streamer or dedicated streamer into DAC



Any Mac Mini and iPad will work. The new models with the M2 chip are ridiculously quick and does a fantastic job as a Roon core. I use one with external storage (Thunderbolt / USB C connection) to store my local audio files. I control it with my iPad (any model works) or iPhone. A USB cable connects it to the DAC in my preamp. I stream Qobuz and Tidal. Simple and works great.