Appropriate Apple table for Roon

What’s the best apple tablet and what configuration (ram/ storage) is needed to have the best Roon experience?  
I stream via Tidal.  
Thanks so much for all advice.  


My Core runs on a Windows PC which is left on 24/7. I access it via both iPhone and iPad. The iPad is the previous model with 16GB RAM and works just fine. Any modern iPad should work fine for you as long as you have an accessible Core. 

I am very pleased with the Roon Nucleus+. It allows you to rip every CD and other digital files to its HD, plus stream high res audio. I operate it from my iPhone. From my experience the investment in nucleus is far superior to running the Roon software on a computer. But it is an investment. Another plus, the Roon Arc software allows user to access their Roon library from anywhere with an internet connection. I literally accessed mine today during a 4 hour drive. It’s awesome. 

The iPad is just the interface. You could pretty much use anything but a phone is going to be more one-handed and convenient. The newer the better and that is just for efficiency, but you must have a Core device in your home in order to use Roon. A Core device is a computer, Mac, Windows that is stable and always on. So, you may think a laptop but as soon as you close the lid it will turn off. Sure, you could go into settings and have it not go to sleep when you close the lid... but just don't. I mean if this is your only option, sure, but I recommend you either buy a Roon Nucleus to give you the best experience or load Roon Rock on a dedicated Intel NUC.


Roon is pretty easy to set up. You can use an iPad or an iPhone or even a Mac as the users device to play music. You will need a computer to run Roon core, an old Mac mini with a ssd drive and 16G of ram will work. A $200 raspberry pi will also work.

You can use a network dac, or an Apple TV device as Roon endpoints