Appropriate Apple table for Roon

What’s the best apple tablet and what configuration (ram/ storage) is needed to have the best Roon experience?  
I stream via Tidal.  
Thanks so much for all advice.  


If you are unfamiliar with Roon some of these answers will not be helpful. To run Roon you need four devices, some of which can be combined:

1. A Roon Core. This cannot be a tablet. It is usually an Intel NUC computer (of which the Roon Nucleus is one) but could be a Mac Mini. This device needs the Roon Core software on it and it needs to be on 24/7 and should ideally serve no other purpose than to run the Roon Core software. Your music library is often connected to this device or stored within it on internal storage. This Roon Core can be located anywhere in your home.

2. A Roon endpoint. This is a streaming device sited next to your Hi-Fi. You need one for each audio system you have. This cannot be a tablet either. It can be the same as the Roon Core if you site your Roon Core device next to your Hi-Fi, but most people have (1) and (2) as separate devices. It is often combined with a DAC and called a Roon-ready streamer. It needs a direct wired connection to your DAC if the DAC is separate

3. A DAC. This is often but not always combined with (2). It cannot be a tablet either.

4. An interface device to control Roon. This is often an iPad and is the main use for a tablet in a Roon system. This is how you view Roon and control it.

You can in theory make your iPad play music from Roon, in which case it is working as (2),(3) and (4) combined, but it obviously does not sound very good.

I mostly am using a four year old regular iPad, but my phone works just fine as well.


the tablet CAN’T be the core for Roon.. you need a core and that has to be a Nucleus or PC etc..  the iPad can only be used as an interface to control/play Roon