Appropriate Turntable/ToneArm/PhonoStage

Dear friends,
I have a decent tube system (see my system list) and am looking for advice on selecting an appropriate level analog system to match well with what I have. I'm leaning to CJ phono section with a Rega turntable etc. I don't want to buy low then upgrade, I don't mind spending decent $ on used to get a great system. My budget is between 2-5 k for the analof piece? I sthat too low for what I have? What components can you recommend? I know I have to upgrade my speakers at some point (thinking SilverLine Sonota II or more) but I don't have any analog now and I miss it. Thanks for your replies. Lewdis
linn lp12 or used upper end thorens(160 super,125,126,147,520 would best most regas. used oracle delphi you go rega, get a used 9.
I had a Rega P-3 with mods (about $800) playing into a Tom Evans Microgroove+ phonoamp ($1500). I used a Koetsu Black cartridge ($1500) which perhaps was overkill but sure sounded good and I knew I was going to upgrade. This was about a $3800 system list price but maybe useed and getting something less than the Koetsu you would have a pretty good system for well under $3k.