AQ Storm Series vs the Rest

Hi All,

I just bought the AQ Niagara 1000 and it has been a revelation coming from my Furman 15 PFI. I have it connected to a Pangea AC9SE MkII cord to the wall. Having heard some reviews that the Storm series from AQ would be a good match, I am considering the Thunder (~$700 new). The Storm series is fairly new so not as many reviews yet but I also saw a great price on the Acoustic Zen Gargantua II (~$1,500 new) as well. Would the AC be better than the Thunder? The AC Gargantua II has a higher retail price but I'm trying to not be fooled by pricing alone. 
I have no experience with Pangea. 
I do own the AQ Thunder, which was recommended to me by John Rutan at Audioconnection. He even offered to take them back if I didn't hear a difference.
Well, the AQ Thunder's did make a difference for the better. Though I have to say they are quite unwieldy and you might need to get some right angle connectors.
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