AR highend equipment by Cello

I remember ads for AR equipment designed by Cello back in the late eighties or early nineties. Was this equipment ever built and sold?
I think only about 150 pairs of the Cello Amati speakers were made. They occasional come up for sale on Audiogon.
As I recall the AR Limited edition pre-amp-equilizer was
designed by Cello. The amp was designed by Dan D'Augisino
of Krell. These were ment to be paired with the AR classic
series of speakers, such as the Classic 26's.
As one of the very first Cello dealers, the only connection I remember was the AR LST redo.

There were never any other products related to AR.
Kal's link leads to the answer. I gather each piece of equipment in the Limited line was designed by a leading equipment designer of the time. The speakers were designed by by John Buzzota, Dave Cahill, and David Day of Day Sequerra. The amp and equalizer were designed as Drjoe explained,Dan D'Agostino of Krell and Mark Levinson of Cello,while the preamp was designed by David Day of Day Sequerra. I wonder how many sets were made.

I was just researching the AR Limited Model 3 and ran across this thread. I know it's old, but if anyone reads it or cares, it is interesting that I have a whole "kit" w/plans version of these that were AR stock bought out when AR aborted that hi-end endeavor. I have no case work but do have the 4-Dyn D76's, 2-Dyn D260's, 2- proprietary AR 12" woofs & the original genuine crossovers.. large things of beauty! Have full plans with large plastic to scale stencil type affairs to aid in the build. It is all brand new and been tucked away since I bought it all from "Mluong" on e-bay in '06. I'm quite happy with the Innersound stats I use, but have been debating building them (I am a cabinetmaker) or perhaps try to sell kit, or perhaps part out? I really don't know what this stuff may be worth. Any thoughts by anyone? Thanks, Rob