AR LS3 preamp sterophile review.....

Having trouble locating original review from 93 in the archives....anybody provide a link? thanks.....

The ARCDB site above has some good pics and specs. but I think that they stereo-Pile review has been pulled. I will look around for a hard copy that I used to have.

I have mine on the market, but I just mated it with the Pass Aleph 30 in balanced mode and it is very sweet sounding. I am tempted to pull the ad. What is so funny is that both the LS3 and the Aleph 30 were highly rated and now they are selling for dirt. Go figure.
i have it email me your address and i can send it to you by post office,i have audio review of it to
I think there was a time right when the LS5 was reviewed by Stereophile that the LS2, LS3 and LS5 were all rated as Stereophile Class A. When you hear the LS5 compared to the other models, you realize that the others were maybe Class C at best. Don't get too wrapped up in these silly ratings.