AR Ref 7, 8 reviewed in Stereophile or A.S.?

My dad has the Esoteric DV60 and is thinking of stepping up to a demo 7 or maybe a new 8 but I cant find a review and while the DV60 made the big 500 list in Stereophile the AR 7 or 8 is nowhere to be found. Is there a reason it didnt make the cut or was it not reviewed? I see many good things about the player here but not in print.
Also for same cash is there a better offering from Esoteric, or Cary? (Dealer product line concerns and loyalty)
AR Ref3 pre, Aesthetix Atlas amp, Vandersteen Sig Quatro speakers and all Audioquest "hi-end" cables and Richard Grey power in current system. Thanks for any tips, also SACD is not a concern, cheers
I used to have an ARC Reference CD7. It was a very nice player, and as I recall, it received a good review in Stereopile. However, it was no match for the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD that it replaced, or the Esoteric XO-1 Limited that replaced it.