Aragon 4004 channel dead,

While listeing at loud levels the amp loudly clicked like mechanical switching and sound obviously distorted then nothing from that R channel. All fuses are fine, fixable? Thanks!
Given that the root cause could be any one of many failure modes, it may or may not be fixable. We can't give you any more information other than 'take it to a technician.'

My 4004's right channel recently went out but it wasn't preceded by any noises. It turned out to be leaking capacitors in the power supply. I decided to buy a new amp because my 4004 is about 23yrs old, who knows what else is about to go. I think replacing the caps should be done whether it's the problem or not just as a precaution.

If you have a good local repair shop/technician and you have the original 4004 (non MKII), you could have them do an upgrade to MKII status. I was considering doing this but didn't due to my amp's age. I have a website ( that has the instructions and parts list for the upgrade. I think the original MKII upgrade was initiated by Aragon due to some resistors being flammable. Hope this helps.
Indy Audio Labs now owns the Aragon/ Acurus brands. They have a service company that they can direct you to through their website. This particular shop can repair and or service all of the legacy Aragon and Acurus products.