Aragon 4004 vs. McCormack DNA-1?

I am looking at a new ( to me) SS for my system. I am using a pair of Vandersteen 2ce Signature speakers and a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature preamp.

I have tentatively narrowed it down to a stock DNa-1 and a stock 4004.

Anyone care to offer experience or opinions on those two choices? Cost will be close to the same although the McCormack will probably be maybe $100 more.

From what I have read both are pretty good amps with the Vandys and I like the fact that McCormack is still supported by the designer.
Definately the McCormack amp. Its a much more musical and resolving amp. Steve McC used the Vandies when designing the dna series. Look for a Deluxe model if you can find one. It has better posts and wire.
Hi guys. Thought I would follow up on this thread. I went ahead and bought a stock DNA-1. At this point I could not be more pleased. The amp is in great shape. It is built beautifully and really fits well in my system.....and I think it is a great match with the Vandersteens. It has a sweeter, more musical top end and midrange, but what actually surprised me was the authority it has in the lower octaves....just a much more rock solid grip on the bottom. It may be just a factor of more power....~185 watts for the McCormack vs ~125 with the Classe......but this is a pretty significant improvement in my system

And to top it off, I have been able to converse directly with Steve McCormack regarding the amp.....pretty cool.

Thanks for the input during my search.
I've worked on, and listened to both including a DNA-1 that I updated, and I much prefer the DNA-1 sonically. Less of a compromise. Higher current design. Sonically superior.