Aragon 8008 mk 2

Thoughts on this amp and how it compares to current amp offering. Also, preamp matches. Tube or solid state? Balanced or RCA?

That is a very old amplifier also it has no balanced option as far as I can recall you would do better to choose a modern amplifier the Aragon was a flash in the pan design
The 8008 mk2 had both balanced and single ended inputs. They were built when Klipsch owned the company between 2002 and 2009, but are electrically the same as the Mondial built 8008BB to my understanding. After that, Indy Audio Labs purchased the Aragon brand and make them to this day. I would say that a brand that lasts 30 years under one company or another is not a flash in the pan. They are solidly built and reliable. Approximately 25 watts class A output into 8 ohms. 200/400 wpc into 8/4 ohms class AB. 46 Kohm se and 70 Kohm balanced input impedance rating. Provided the impedance match is proper between amp and preamp, they will work well with either tube or solid state preamps. My preference would be a tube preamp and balanced connections, but that is individual preference. 

My understanding is that the latest version of the 8008 made by Indy Audio Labs still uses the same basic design with some improvements in connectivity and some other minor refinements. Essentially, it wasn't broke, so they did not try to redesign it. So in that respect it will stand up to newer designs. Whether you will like the sound or not, I cannot say. From what I see, the 8008BB sells for $1100-$1200 in good condition. With the Mk2 being newer, it would be maybe a $100 or so more, but I would not go more than that for one. The above comment was someone that didn't know the subject shooting from the hip. If you can find one at the right price, I say give it a try. It is certainly competitive with anything in the price range mentioned above.