Aragon 8008BB vs Threshold T200. What to choose??

I have both of them and try to pick one.

What would you recommend? Prices are really close.
I've owned some relatively expensive amps and in retrospect, have realized that the 8008BB is all the amp most folks need. It's that good IMHO. While I understand where Jaybo is coming from as far as depreciation, I think either one has already taken most of the hit it'll ever take.
I will never get rid of either T200 simply since I KNOW my amps are not a part of any problem in my system.
They are in almost identical condition. The Aragon has packaging and manual and Threshold does not. Personally I like Aragon more because of the bass performance. Threshold has better trebles. Ideal combination for bi-amping, but I have to keep just one. Most people I talked think the Treshold is a better choice but I really like Aragon more.