Aragon 8008x3 No power

The main fuse-250 volt-12 amp(ceramic fuse)is blown. I changed the fuse and I still have no power. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
I believe they're fuses located inside the amp. Be careful if you take the top off to check. The filter caps do hold quite a charge for a while unless they have been discharged.
Generally, if you blow the main fuse, a serious problem exists, usually in the power supply. The internal fuses are "Rail" fuses protecting the individual amp output sections.
Post your issue on the Klipsch Audio forum for Aragon Electronics. They are usually pretty responsive. The techs monitor the site: //forums dot klipsch dot com/forums/20 dot aspx
Or, send a note to Klipsch Customer service:www dot Klipsch dot com/support