ARC amp differences.


I got a chance to listen to some Adonis Faber Serifinos the other day and absolutely loved them. They were detailed, but also musical. It was paired with a ARC VT-80. 

I was actually thinking that maybe I go up a notch and look at the ARC reference 80s but it was not available for demo. They did have the ARC 160s.

would it be to assume ithat if I like the 160s with the Serifinos then I would also like the 80s? If I like the 160s jugs that kind of power just overkill. My listening space is 20x14 and I will rarely try and super loud. 


if anyone has other tube amp recommendations pls feel free. I am looking for that slightly warm of neutral sound that holds the detail. 



Well, thanks for the clarification -- that does make a difference.   From what I've heard, the VSi75 is significantly more "ARC" than the "entry level"  I/50.  So again, your first-hand experience and educated comments are very helpful.  What model speakers were you listening through, btw? 

At this point, I'm still torn about not being able to compare Levinson or Hegel to ARC in person.  It would require a full-day air flight from here for me to hear any of those three.


Thanks all, this has been super helpful. I may be able to get listening in my house, but I have not asked. I think that gets easier if I own the speakers first. I still want to heat the CJ 120. Not sure if anyone has heard that pairing as well?


Right now, I am running bookshelf Electra Amriors with an MC275 and a C22. The speakers are what I want to replace, but I am confident I need to replace the C22 if not the MC275. OF course, I do not want to do this all at once, so I am trying to figure out what I can keep for now. My guess is If I end up going to ARC route, I could find a used ARC LS28SE keep the MC275, and get the Serifinos. Then over time move to a new amp and also decide if the pre is good enough. The C22 is cloudy and not very good with the Serifinos.



@mbarmash Is it possible that your C22 is just ready for new tubes?  They can degrade so slowly over time you don't notice it.

I was just reading a comment that Alan Shaw (Harbeth) recommends that his speakers be used with SS ampllification. Interesting, if true.