ARC D240 II vs.Sunfire 300 x2 power amp

Hi all could you please help me decide between the arc D240 make2 power amp or the sunfire 300x2 amp.I have an arc sp8 rev.5 preamp and mirage om8 speakers,anyone have any exprience and heard either one of the 2 amps, any thoughts or comments, would be appreciated have 1000.00 budget narrowed it to either one of these thanks.
The D240mkII is one of ARC's best SS amps and an absolute bargain here on A-gon. I've got two of them. You may also want to consider the ARC 100.2 although not sure if you can get it below $1000. Very similar in design to the D240mkII. I cannot however recommend the ARC D130 or the ARC D200/D300. The ARC D400mkII is probably the best SS amp ARC has ever made but seems to be out of your price range. I've got two D400mkIIs and nothing short of catastrophic failure requiring complete and total replacement will get these out of my equipment rack.

I have never compared the ARC SS amps to the Sunfire though. If you need more power than the D240mkII/100.2 then the Sunfire may be the way to go.
Thanks for your response the om 8s do have the active low end so really all the amp is powering is the tweeters and mids.I seen good reviews on the 100.2 but 1500.00 must be nice.
I have been looking at Carver for some time to power ribbon speakers. I conclude that you should save your money and get the ARC D400 II and be done with comprimise as this will power any speaker and maintain hi end signal quality. They seem to run $1800-2000 used.