ARC D240mk2 vs D400 vs D400mk2

Would anyone be able to give me an opinion on the differences in how these 3 amps sound?

Thank you for your time.
I can only comment on the D240mk2 and D400mk2 as I upgraded from the former to the latter a number of years ago as I use them to power a pair of Kinetic Audio Labyrinth t-lines which are fairly inefficient and like their current/power. I used the same ARC LS5mk2 preamp with both amps. They are remarkably similar sounding. Very liquid and non-metallic for SS designs. More to the Ayre side of the fence then the Krell side if that makes any sense. May be that they both D240/D400 use a very similar low-feedback circuit. Not sure but I couldn't have been happier with either amp. I feel like the D400mk2 is a more powerful and slightly more refined D240mk2. I kept my two D240mk2s instead of selling them when I upgreaded to the D400mk2s because I liked them that much.
Thank you. There doesn't seem to be much information about how D400's sound, other than a few opinions that their bass isn't as strong as the D400Mk2.
Also there isn't much written on the D240 MKII either but it is an excellent sounding ss amp and the only limiting factor in producing top notch quality sound would be the quality of the preamp you would pair it with. I regretably sold mine to a buyer that came over to my house to give it a listen, he ran with it! Since then I traveled a difficult path to find another power amp that could at least meet or exceed its wonderful sound. What I did find was ARC 100.2 which bettered it (not by leaps and bounds) but at a much higher price tag.